Hospital Copa Star: The Brightest Healing Light Next To God

Rede D’Or Sao Luiz (Rede D’Or), was founded in 1977 and is Brazil’s largest private hospital network and the Labs D’Or units. Rede D’Or has partnered with healthcare insurers and health management operations. The Carlyle Investment Group caters to Rede D’Or’s financial needs. The Group is a multinational private equity investor. Carlyle has spread $193 billion across a combination of 286 funds, and for more than 250 real estate investments. The Carlyle Investment group has made investments in more than 200 companies.

The Rede D’Or network employs over 33,000 individuals and 85,000 affiliated doctors. The network has over 4,500 beds in its hospitals including at least 30 oncology clinics. Annually, over 2.7 million people visit Rede D’Or’s emergency rooms. There are 170,000 surgeries and 270,000 inpatient treatments. The Labs D’Or units served 150,000 people per month.

The system’s diagnostic units and hospitals are located in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Pernambuco and Brasilia DF. Brazil’s healthcare market is growing as a result of the Brazilians longer life expectancy as the population ages. The market for hospital services contains over 53 million people. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

In Copacabana, referred to as one of the world’s famous beaches which run in front of Rio de Janeiro, is hosting a new unit of the Rede D’Or network, Hospital Copa Star, which commenced its operations in November 2016.

Copa Stars’ architecture is modern with all the amenities of a 5-star hotel. The hospital will have 150 beds, 45 of ICU, nine operating rooms, 105 apartments and an associated diagnostic park.

Copa Star is a “smart” hospital in that its patient rooms are accommodated with technology that manages all aspects of its operations. IPads allow the hospital patient to immediately and conveniently communicate their treating physicians and hospital staff. They are permitted to see their medical reports for full transparency is related to their treatment. They also can manage the environment of the lights and curtain in the room.

The diagnostic technology is state of the art equipment, and hospital care is to international standards. Copa Star’s medical staff consists of a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals. There are specialists trained in innovative techniques in the areas of Neurosurgery and Cardiac Surgery. The hospital has intensive care units and neurosurgery theaters and uses robots to effectuate cures and employs telemedicine.


More than 100 medical experts and 400 workers are hired by Hospital Copa Star to provide the maintenance, clothing, supplies, and billing. On the face of it, with all the amenities of Copa Star, only the wealthiest patient could afford to be treated, and the hospital would only accept private patients. However, Hospital Copa Star will accept all forms of payment, and will also work with patient’s health plans.

The Rise of EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm has become an icon in the lip care industry due to their innovative marketing strategies and focus on what women wanted in their lip balm. The company studied what consumers were seeking in oral care, and found the majority of lip balm users were women. They also found that women wanted a variety of flavors, favored the pot shaped lip balms for how easy they were to find in a crowded purse, but disliked the unsanitary process of using potted lip balms. EOS used this information so well to create a uniquely shaped lip balm that came in numerous flavors, from fruity to minty and generated a fun ad campaign targeted almost entirely at women, who comprise a lion’s share of the consumers that purchase lip balm regularly. The company found it critical to create an emotional connection to consumers, to great effect.

EOS was one of the pioneers of using social media marketing to create a new consumer base, and used platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their products with happy emotions attached. They also reached out to YouTube beauty bloggers and exchanged exposure for free products and other perks. This allowed EOS lip balm to reach a larger audience that was directly interested in beauty products. Overall, their marketing strategy was bold and extremely effective.

Betsy DeVos Has Always Been Supportive Of Children

Perhaps one of the biggest platforms that Betsy DeVos has always stood on is diversity in education for children so that they will be able to get more out of the options that they have. She wants to see all children be as successful as possible and that means that she does what she can to make sure that they have the options that they need. No matter what their economic background, Betsy DeVos feels it is part of her duty to make sure that she is helping them get the education that they deserve. She wants to see everyone be as successful as they possibly can so that they are able to get more out of the options that they have available to them. She also wants to make sure that they are getting a high-quality education even if their parents cannot afford it.

While public school works to help people who cannot afford different things and is designed in a way that is relatively basic for people to be able to use, it is not something that is going to work for everyone. Betsy DeVos knows this and she wants to make sure that children who do not fit into the public school agenda are also able to get the education that they need to be able to be successful. She wants to see all of the children have a great chance at being able to do more and this means that she is always doing what she can to improve their opportunities. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Thanks to Betsy DeVos, there are voucher programs that parents are able to use for their students who do not have the chance at being able to get all of the things that they need from public school. She pioneered these programs nearly 20 years ago and that has given her the chance at making sure that things are going to work out for each of these children. She also does what she can to guarantee that children will be able to go to private school through the use of these vouchers. It has made things so much easier on many students.

Along with the voucher program, Betsy DeVos also worked to create a charter school that would work. Charter schools combine the best of both worlds. They have the feel of a private school where children can get individualized attention in small classrooms. Along with this, though, they also have the ability to make sure that children are getting what they need no matter their economic situation. Charter schools are free but provide kids with the private school atmosphere that helps them to be as successful as they can be in their educational career. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

The Charitable Works of Madison Street Capital to the Local Communities

Losses due to disasters are on the rise lately in some states. Food and shelter will be an essential for the victims. A long term solution is also needed for them to settle up in their education, health, and financial status. Madison Street Capital rebuilds lives of people during these hard times. The states funded by the United Ways are Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.


The Madison Street Capital reputation is good according to surveys done. Their philanthropic support to the community and all sums up to their belief that building productive firms in communities will strengthen the masses all over the United States. They have made an enormous contribution to the communities all over the country thus gaining much recognition.


The firm is based in Alexandria Virginia, and the United Way takes advantage of the national network and is a good partner with the best public relationships. These improve the lives and mobilize communities to work and strive towards excelling in their endeavors without worry of disasters.


United Way approach issues by identifying and resolving them so that the solution affects the community positively. Measurements are taken in the communities and make partnerships with schools, government agencies, banks, businesses, community-based institutions and neighborhood associations. In the year 2008 the company did organize a 10-year plan program that is designed to take the education sector, and financial status of the people to a better position and help the working class families to an economic independence state by the year 2018.


Employees are very professional and have vast knowledge, experience and are good in extensive relationships with clients and the community as a whole. They arrange the correct financing and capitalization form that will enhance the customer needs in a given situation. This experience drives them to deliver financial services like restructuring services, valuation and M and A services, private equity, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting and financial option services.


Their experience makes them the best. The company has helped clients in a wide range of professions. They make clients understand that all situations need a careful analysis and positive recommendations. People who want to sell a business and build an exit strategy or corporate governance matters are by the professionals in the Madison Street Capital. They have got a lot of accolades over time and are ready at all times to help when needed.


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The Overview of InnovaCare Health under the Watch of Rick Shinto

Led by Rick Shinto, President and CEO, InnovaCare Health is indisputably the leading healthcare programs provider in North America, offering high-quality care through innovative provider network models. The firm has redefined the healthcare sector, providing Medicaid and Medicare advantage plans. It has consistently produced healthcare models, which are, quality, cost-effective, and sustainable, employing the most effective technologies. The current chief administrative officer of the company is Penelope Kokkinides. Based in Puerto Rico, InnovaCare has more than 7,500 employees, and its membership program accommodates over 200,000 individuals. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals.

InnovaCare’s CAO Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides has been the InnovaCare Health solution’s CAO since August 2016, a position she scooped after the company added three executive positions to the leadership team. She was initially the vice president and COO at Aveta Inc. and was previously a COO and executive vice president of Centerlight Healthcare for some years. She acquired her B.S in classical languages and biological sciences from Birmingham University and from the University of Columbia she also received her master’s in Public Health. For 20 years, Penelope has been fully engaged in the managed care industry specializing in government programs. For that reason, Penelope Kokkinides has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the management and development of healthcare operations and clinical programs. In her interview with Ideamensch, Penelope said she faces each day with its unique challenges. She expressed her excitement on how technology has transformed business operations making them productive. Before making major investment decisions, Penelope encouraged investors to have an in-depth understanding of the market trends. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch

Innovacare Joins LAN to Reform Payment Methods

In August 2016 under the watch of Rick Shinto, Innovacare, Inc. announced its participation in Learning and Action Network healthcare payment. Launched by HHS, LAN is a network focused on helping people achieve better care and smarter spending, by driving alignment in payment approaches across the private and public sectors. The initiative introduced in 2015 was created to help systems pay providers based on the quality of care rendered to patients rather than the service quantity. As a LAN partner, innovaCare’s mission was to quickly transition to alternative payment models. Shinto said that the partnership signified the company’s deep commitment to accelerating the healthcare industry. In a different setting, Penelope applauded LAN saying it has a list of committed partners from the health industry, devoted to looking for better ways of making payment models work better for various organizations. She expressed her confidence in working with LAN and was convinced that InnovaCare Health would make a noticeable difference in the spread of AMPs.

Whitney Wolfe Keeps The Buzz Going About Bumble

The dating app community is evolving, and Bumble appears to be the app that is leading the way against a serious competitor called Tinder. The irony here is that the creator of Bumble is also the co-founder of Tinder. This entrepreneur by the name the Whitney Wolfe is the one that is giving lots of people a dilemma with choosing dating apps. There have been surveys that talked about how Bumble is much more of a dating app as opposed to Tinder which typically leads to casual experiences.

People that are serious about using a dating app for the purpose of finding a long-term relationship are going to take interest in what Whitney Wolfe offers with Bumble. It appears that Bumble may be the new app that is giving people a chance to get to know one another quicker. Women have the ability to build better relationships when they look at what is happening through a Bumble app. This is what Whitney Wolfe created to give women the opportunity to make the first move. She has a company that has about 35 employees, and it is apparent that she is planning to grow on a global scale.

The other app that she co-founded, Tinder, has been around longer than Bumble so it is naturally one that is at the top of the dating apps, but Bumble is quickly rising. People are starting to realize that the ones that sign up for Bumble are much more inclined to consider the possibility of long-term relationships. Tinder, however, presents an environment where more of the people may be looking to hang out without any strings attached. This may be the thing that sets in motion a gap between Bumble and other apps. Bumble is the app that has become a serious dating app.

Read more: With Her Dating App, Women Are in Control

Open Society Foundations Name Soros Equality Fellows for 2017

The Open Society Foundations and George Soros have kicked off a new initiative in the field of racial justice with the inaugural Soros Equality Fellows for 2017. The fellowships will look to develop new ways to overcome racial and gender disparity arising from discrimination in the United States.

This March, the project chose seven winners from more than a thousand applicants from the fields of art and media. The criteria asked applicants to submit projects that “recognizes the enduring power of language, image, media the arts, and public opinion to combat or perpetuate discrimination against immigrants and people of color in the United States and across the globe; and prioritizes the dismantling of structures that perpetuate discrimination and limit access over the targeting of individual actors who engage in discrimination.” These proposals covered a wide range of topics such as LGBT rights, race, and Islamophobia. The Fellows are granted from $80,000 to $100,000 for up to eighteen months to actualize their proposals. Beyond funding specific projects, the program will promote leadership development and continued support with the objective of creating the next generation of social justice leaders. Fellows will be provided with leadership training and networking opportunities to carry on activities beyond their initial projects. Learn more about his profile at

These are the 2017 Soros Equality Fellows awardees:

Alice Hom is the Director of Asian American/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy’s Queer Justice Fund and winner of the Lamda Book of the Year Award. Ms. Hom Is going to record oral histories of the struggles of queer and Trans people of color to be digitally archived.

Deepa Iyer is a south Asian activist and author of We Too Sing America. She will create a web-based platform to share resources among social justice organizations to aid in organizing community action.

Leah Penniman is co-director of Soul Fire Farm and teaches at Darrow School. Penniman will train farm activists to organize for farm worker rights especially in the Third World.

Purvi Shah is an attorney that works with the Black Live Matters movement. He will create a center to promote collaboration among lawyers working on racial justice issues.

David Felix Sutcliffe is a documentary filmmaker and winner of a Sundance Film Festival Award for his work, Terror. Mr. Sutcliffe will produce a musical about media’s role in spreading Islamophobia, along with a series of videos on the role of discrimination in current events.

Rachel Swarns is a correspondent for the New York Times, and author of American Tapestry: The Story of the Black, White and Multiracial Ancestors of Michelle Obama. She will author a work on what part slavery played at Georgetown University.

Hank Willis Thomas is a photographer who will create advertising campaigns to elicit a new racial narrative in the United States.

Read more at Politico about George Soros.

Meet Kim Dao’s Sister Rachel

Kim Dao’s sister Rachel visited her to pick up a suitcase that Kim Dao didn’t think would ship well to Australia from Japan.  Her sister is going back to Austrailia for a month. Before going out, Kim Dao’s sister made her some dish that looked like egg roll, some shrimp, and tofu. Kim Dao wants a black and white Pokemon varsity jacket very much. She has checked almost everywhere for it. If it is not at the Pokémon Store, she is considering buying it at for $130.00, $40 more than the price at the Pokemon store.


She went shopping and out to eat with her sister, Rachel, her boyfriend Tecchan, and his brother Toph. They stopped at the Pokemon Store where the jacket was sold out. They went Ikebukero shopping. The foursome saw all types of stuffed animals. There was a stuffed Pikachu with a pouch in the back and some small Pinkachus that came with a keyring. Everyone got a pink Pokemon ball.


Kim Dao and her group found a place to eat in the mall. Everyone got to grill their own food at the table. You pour your own cooking oil to grill. Squid, for example, and add butter on the top. Kim Dao had gotten raw chicken with an egg and some noodles that she grilled. Earlier, there were some samples of what the meals look like completed. Kim Dao started running out of mayonnaise as she tried squirting some on the top of her grilled chicken.


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Samuel Strauch – Popular Real Estate Agent Catering To Clients In Miami, Fl

The housing market of Miami has seen massive growth in the past couple of years as the country continues to get out of the economic recession and people gaining back the liquidity needed to invest in the real estate market. In any real estate investment made, it is always essential to have an experienced real estate agent or professional to be by your side.

It is essential because firstly, the real estate transactions are huge and you do not want anything to go wrong, and secondly because the real estate professionals are more acquainted with the process of checking the real estate related deeds and papers and streamline the entire process for both buyers and sellers.

There are many real estate agents in Miami, FL, which is one of the booming housing markets in the country. The Miami’s real estate market has seen better growth than many other developed property markets internally in the country, especially because of the many foreign investors investing in the region. If you are looking to buy, sell or rent a property in Miami, you would need a professional and experienced real estate agent by your side.

Samuel Strauch is one of the most experienced, reliable and highly preferred real estate agent in Miami, FL. He has over 14 years of experience in the real estate space, and has successfully closed many real estate transactions over the years. Samuel Strauch has done his graduation in business in New York from Hofstra University, and pursued higher studies at Harvard University and modern Erasmus University.

Learn More:

Samuel Strauch started his career by joining banking sector but soon realized his passion is real estate. At present, Samuel Strauch serves as a licensed agent with the Affinity Realty Group and is Principal at Metrik Real Estate company, which provides brokerage as well as property management services.



Securus Gets Plaudits For Providing New Technology In Catching Criminals

Securus Technologies is a company that is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They have the distinction of being the largest company in this country that deals exclusively with securing inmates in jails and prisons.

Every week, they develop a new method or technology devoted to securing inmates, prison safety, inmate safety, or solving and preventing crimes in one way or another.

They have developed new technology to let them use an inmate’s phone calls to obtain a search warrant to find other criminals. This ability to listen to inmates conversations with each other and with family has led to the recovery of monies used in drug deals, and has resulted in the arrests and incarceration of a number of those aiding criminals.

These are all from the new telephone systems that Securus Technologies’ customers use.

Securus has as its clients jails and prisons throughout the United States. They work with over 3,400 agencies across this country, housing over 1.2 million inmates.

Their secret is their name. Say it slowly, out loud. You will why Securus can stand proud among all the companies that serve and supply our prisons.

They remain devoted to creating new technology and adapting old technology to new ideas. The train people to use what they proved as well.