The Rise of EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm has become an icon in the lip care industry due to their innovative marketing strategies and focus on what women wanted in their lip balm. The company studied what consumers were seeking in oral care, and found the majority of lip balm users were women. They also found that women wanted a variety of flavors, favored the pot shaped lip balms for how easy they were to find in a crowded purse, but disliked the unsanitary process of using potted lip balms. EOS used this information so well to create a uniquely shaped lip balm that came in numerous flavors, from fruity to minty and generated a fun ad campaign targeted almost entirely at women, who comprise a lion’s share of the consumers that purchase lip balm regularly. The company found it critical to create an emotional connection to consumers, to great effect.

EOS was one of the pioneers of using social media marketing to create a new consumer base, and used platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their products with happy emotions attached. They also reached out to YouTube beauty bloggers and exchanged exposure for free products and other perks. This allowed EOS lip balm to reach a larger audience that was directly interested in beauty products. Overall, their marketing strategy was bold and extremely effective.