The Success And Achievements Of Brian Bonar

It takes hard work, skills, experience and sufficient investment portfolio to be a recognized finance executive. Brian Bonar, being one of the leading financial professionals ascertains that it is quite hard to succeed without the effort, skills and extensive experience. He has been in the field for years and his expertise has proven that he has the right skills to propel a company in the right direction.

While most financial professionals mask their personality to their subjects and clients, Brian spices up his career by unveiling his great personality to his associates. Besides, he is open to ideas and he is willing to do away with retrogressive company culture and introduce innovative ideas that can improve performance.

If you are reading about Brian Bonar for your very first time, he is a management expert with bout thirty years of experience. He is the current CEO and Chairman of the Dalrada Financial Corp. His transformative leadership skills leave a lot to be desired.

Even though his senior position limits his role to supervising and directing the employees, Brian interacts well with clients, employees and other members of the administration to drive change. Besides, he applies his knowledge on critical aspects that affect employers and employees in order to provide solutions to their problems.

Dalrada Financial Corp. focuses on providing its clients with a wide variety of employee products and services that enhance business productivity.

According to White Pages, the key services provided by the reputable company under the leadership of Brian Bonar include business management services, financial management services, business promotion, employees’ benefits, and risk management insurance.

Brian Bonar is a sought-after financial professional and a business leader. As a proof of this, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a firm that develops digital imaging hardware and color management software. His able leadership is seen through the effective transformation of the company from its humble beginnings to its current status.

The company has gradually changed from a developer to a recognized marketing firm that offers products and services to the clients. His unmatched finance background provided a firm foundation for his business leadership role in various companies.

Before taking up his position at ITEC, Bonar was the Chief Finance Officer, Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Trucept Inc. During his term, Brian Bonar made great improvements such that his effort is felt to present.

Additionally, Bonar has worked with other respectable firms like Adaptec Inc., Rastec Corporation, and he served as an Executive Director of Engineering for QMS. Again, he has worked with IBM Limited for seventeen years. He acquired his Master’s and Doctorate Degree from Staffordshire University and an undergraduate degree from Strathclyde.