Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Soars To New Heights In Just A Year

Paul Mampilly, founder of Capuchin Consulting, partnered with Banyan Hill Publishing over a year ago with one goal in mind: to bring profitable investment opportunities to Main Street Americans via his newsletter, Profits Unlimited. His plan appears to be working: now at the milestone of 60,000 subscribers, with a proven track record of successful investment recommendations, Mampilly has created an innovative new dynamic between financial advisor and client that allows Main Street Americans to make their own investments based on advice he gives out monthly in Profits Unlimited, his eight page newsletter. His open portfolio currently includes stocks that are up between 18% and 38%, with 11 profitable positions out of 13. The first stock he wrote about in Profits Unlimited is currently up 160%.

Paul Mampilly is no stranger to success – an account he managed between 2008 and 2009 won the Templeton Foundation Investment competition with a $50 million dollar portfolio that generated gains of 76%. While managing Kinetics International in 2009, the company’s stock went up by 67%. Before partnering with Banyan Hill Publishing, Mampilly was Investment Director at Agora Financial, as well as the author, editor and analyst for the FDA Trader, an investment newsletter that generated over $6 million in sales under his guidance.

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He currently is the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited for Banyan Hill Publishing, but also manages two elite trading services: Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Profits Unlimited alone has net a return of 47% in just the first year of its existence. One subscriber to Profits Unlimited, after generating over $45k in gains, had this to say about Mampilly: “During the last 30 years of fiddling with [the] stock market I never came across any financial advisor who was as outstanding as [Paul is].” Another subscriber to Profits Unlimited, Alan L, said “”I must confess that it is the most profitable investment in the stock market that we have ever personally experienced.” Mampilly also continues to work at Capuchin Consulting, providing investment ideas to professional investors.

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Madison Street Capital And Their Capitalization Services

There are many different Capitalization services that are offered by the people at Madison Street Capital. These services are used quite a lot because the company knows how to look into different companies, their industries and how much they are worth. They have worked on many different capitalization deals, and they have closed deals in their offices for the protection of their clients. This article explains how the company offers the best services for all, and it shows how simple it is to make a merger, stock sale or other business deal.


#1: How Long Do Reports Take To Complete?


Reports take some time to complete because they have quite a lot of information hidden in them. Someone who is searching for a better report on their industry or company will learn quite a lot about how their company fits into their industry. They may have questions about how their company will match with another if they are working on a merger, and there are questions about the value of stocks when a sale goes through. Someone who is searching for a simpler way to organize and manage their sale must ask Madison Street for help.


#2: The Madison Street Capital Reputation


The reputation at Madison Street Capital is for accuracy and speed. They will work quickly and accurately for each of their clients, and they will ensure that the company has been given information that makes their decisions easier to make. They will work together with the people who hire them to build reports, and they will offer a space to close mergers or sales.


#3: Managing Client Rights


Madison Street Capital is one of the finest valuation companies in the world, and they have built a beautiful business that will manage client rights during the sale. Someone who has questions about the value of their company may ask for a sale meeting, or they may sell a share of their company in the Madison Street office. The company will help sign contracts, distribute cash and ensure both parties are protected.


There are quite a few people who will come to Madison Street Capital for help with business decisions that they cannot make on their own. Someone who wishes to change their life or business may come to the Madison Street Capital office to learn more about their company. They may request a report on their business, or they may ask for research on a company that is in their field.

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The Charitable Works of Madison Street Capital to the Local Communities

Losses due to disasters are on the rise lately in some states. Food and shelter will be an essential for the victims. A long term solution is also needed for them to settle up in their education, health, and financial status. Madison Street Capital rebuilds lives of people during these hard times. The states funded by the United Ways are Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.


The Madison Street Capital reputation is good according to surveys done. Their philanthropic support to the community and all sums up to their belief that building productive firms in communities will strengthen the masses all over the United States. They have made an enormous contribution to the communities all over the country thus gaining much recognition.


The firm is based in Alexandria Virginia, and the United Way takes advantage of the national network and is a good partner with the best public relationships. These improve the lives and mobilize communities to work and strive towards excelling in their endeavors without worry of disasters.


United Way approach issues by identifying and resolving them so that the solution affects the community positively. Measurements are taken in the communities and make partnerships with schools, government agencies, banks, businesses, community-based institutions and neighborhood associations. In the year 2008 the company did organize a 10-year plan program that is designed to take the education sector, and financial status of the people to a better position and help the working class families to an economic independence state by the year 2018.


Employees are very professional and have vast knowledge, experience and are good in extensive relationships with clients and the community as a whole. They arrange the correct financing and capitalization form that will enhance the customer needs in a given situation. This experience drives them to deliver financial services like restructuring services, valuation and M and A services, private equity, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting and financial option services.


Their experience makes them the best. The company has helped clients in a wide range of professions. They make clients understand that all situations need a careful analysis and positive recommendations. People who want to sell a business and build an exit strategy or corporate governance matters are by the professionals in the Madison Street Capital. They have got a lot of accolades over time and are ready at all times to help when needed.


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Achievements of Businessman Kevin Seawright

Kevin has been a great inspiration to most people all over the world due to his determination and dedication in his work. He is a leader in administrative and financial operations well-known due to his strategic ability as well as vision to demand new opportunities and achieve all business goals.

He has been a financial expertise for 13 years and has helped communities in East Coast better their lives. Kevin is now working as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Throughout his career, he has been formulating strategies in business so as to build responsive financial and accounting divisions which will ensure results are delivered by aligning current economic and organizational goals with technological initiatives.

He was recently recognized by Notre Dame University – Mendoza College of Business due to the completion of the second installment of Nonprofit Fund Development Program.

According to Market Wired, Kevin Seawright has taken a new step in his life by completing the Executive Leadership Program which will aid in education and even develop his role in Newark. He is dedicated to helping, empowering and strengthening communities by joining hands with organizations that are willing to support them.

Kevin believes that it is very important to serve and be a participant in government, public education systems as well as communities so as to ensure you get information on how the country is progressing.


Kevin has been of great help to many communities and also ensured that education systems are well protected. Due to his experience in management, he has been able to oversee operations both in the government and in private organizations. This has enabled him to gain the best understanding of tools in business management such as Human Resource Information Systems.

This refers to how computer software as well as system packages are used for human resource need which include payrolls, scheduling, data management and attendance. These systems are very useful tools and can be used by businesses no matter the size.

They are in a position to handle administrative duties which are performed traditionally by human resource members. This will help companies increase their workforce efficiency and as a result minimize company costs

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