Arthur Becker: Real Estate Guru

Arthur Becker is a unique entrepreneur. He tends to follow his heart when it comes to deciding which venture to pursue next. He’s owned and managed dozens of companies in various industries. Lately, he seems focused on real estate. It’s one of his closest passions along with technology.

Inspired by real estate, Becker’s becoming more interested in art. As a successful businessman, he finds he has a lot of free time now. He fills that time exploring his artistic side. His office doubles as his art studio. His workshop is filled with sculptures and paintings he’s created over the years.

His office is down the street from one of his most famous projects, an eight-story condo complex at 465 Washington Street. Although he’s always like real estate, he made his fortune investing in biotech companies. Prior to that, he was a Bear Stearns stockbroker.

Currently, Arthur Becker is involved with several properties on Sullivan Street. His first property was 10 Sullivan Street, a 16-story condo building. As part of a trade for ownership, Becker acquired three adjacent townhouses. According to sources, Arthur Becker plans on living in one of the townhouses and selling the remaining two.

In Becker’s opinion, his success in real estate was luck. He believes he got into the market at the right time. That opinion is strongly debatable. Saying that Becker got lucky is like saying every other successful venture he was a part of was just luck. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

Like all great entrepreneurs, not all of Becker’s ventures were successful. For example, one venture he invested in was a company that produced specialized binoculars called Bnox. It seemed like a good idea, and it tapped into his childhood love of those little toy soldiers with binoculars, but it was a disaster.

Despite his few failings, his greatest successes Zinio and NaviSite were tremendous. NaviSite is the closest success to his heart. It was one of the first tech companies he got involved with. He stayed with the company until its sale in 2011; bought by Time Warner.

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From Fine Arts To Real Estate Arthur Becker Is The Man

There are not that many people in the world that can make their names well known in many industries. Arthur Becker, however, is one man whose talents have proven to excel in many areas. His latest project is a great combination of his many talents all rolled into one. The project was recently highlighted on a New York City real estate news website, Real Deal.

The article from Bloomberg was an interesting insight into Arthur Becker’s plans for his latest real estate project. He is planning on turning the existing building into a modern, luxury boutique residential complex. It discussed all the little details, such as purchasing easements and adjacent properties.

Arthur Becker’s other current real estate projects were also discussed during the article. Mr. Becker is also involved with the JDS Development Group and Property Markets Group’s Billionaires’ Row condominium building. This building is located on West 57th Street in New York City. He is also a financial backer for the condominium development on Sullivan Street that is being completed by PMG and Madison Equities. Arthur Becker has been involved in many other real estate projects in New York City as well. He has also been involved in several real estate construction projects in the Miami, Florida area.

Real estate investments are not the only thing Arthur Becker is passionate about. In fact, he first went to college, at Bennington College, to obtain a degree in Fine Arts. He studied ceramics and photography. It was after this education that he began to explore his interests in various aspects of investments and real estate. After obtaining degrees in both areas he chooses to pursue a career in the business world.

He did not give up his love for the Fine Arts though. In the 1990s he reentered the arts world when he married Vera Wang, more info can be found on They worked together for years at her fashion company. He also returned to his love for photography and started a collection that has been shown in various galleries. These galleries have included Morgan Walker Fine Art and the Hal Katzen which are both in New York City.

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Adam Goldenberg’s Rapid Growth In Career And Work With Entertainers

Adam Goldenberg is a successful businessmen that has provided some of the best fashion to millions of women across the globe. Starting the company with JustFab, Adam Goldenberg created a membership site that provides members with the best fashion from high level brands with only the best prices possible. Adam started off his own businesses at a very young age, and he eventually he started working for a company that would be specifically working in the startup venture industry on He met his partner Don ressler at the company he was hired for, and together they built businesses like nobody’s business.

Adam Goldenberg’s work in his industry had countless people join his venture high up in the entertainment industry. Kate Hudson became the name of Fabletics, which was the athletic line for women wanting to find the best active wear on the market and at the beset prices. Back when JustFab was taking its beginning steps on, celebrity Kimora entered the picture and changed the way they did business and how a big name likes her could challenge the brand to reaching new potential.

Kimora was known for building Baby Phat from the ground up, and she helped take JustFab’s original name to the top of the Internet shopping industry for women on As the president of the company after she joined in, she’s known for helping out in the office multiple days a week and not just using her name at the front of the brand. She genuinely cares for and works towards improving this company.

Today, JustFab is now known as TechStyle at It takes the original concept and switches it out with a few other ideas to help present a brand new membership fashion opportunity to help guide you in the right direction and help you succeed on getting only the best fashion possible.

Arthur Becker’s Diverse Career

There are plenty of investors that jump from one industry to another throughout their career. Arthur Becker is someone who jumps but doesn’t jump randomly. In order for Arthur to want to pursue a venture, he has to have a personal interest beforehand. Two of his more notable interests include real estate and technology.

Some of his biggest successes were accomplished while working with companies that dealt with both of his interests. Formerly, Becker was Chairman and CEO of Zinio, LLC. Zinio is one of the world’s largest digital newsstands, providing information a global scale. He wasn’t with Zinio too long before finding interest in other business ventures.

Before Zinio, Becker was CEO of NaviSite. NaviSite is one of Becker’s biggest successes. He was with the company for nearly a decade and traveled back and forth between the United States and the United Kingdom. NaviSite is a company that provides internet technology services to businesses all over the U.S. and the U.K. The company also has offices in U.S., U.K., and India.

One interest that Becker had that many probably wouldn’t guess is fashion. According to Huffington Post, for 7 years, he was a senior advisor for the Vera Wang fashion company. But even back then, he was always looking around for his technology or real estate investment. He really began to pursue his own personal interests after NaviSite was bought by Time Warner in 2011. Currently, Becker is the Managing Member at Madison Partners, LLC.

Madison Partners is a big-time investment firm that targets real estate and early stage biotech ventures. Becker began developing the idea of Madison Partners after selling NaviSite. He realized how much he enjoyed investing in property developments in New York and Miami. He also wanted to expand on his interest in early stage biotech companies. Eventually, he came up with the idea to start a company that focused on both.

If Becker had to do it all over again, he’d rather finish graduate school. He left after his first year but now thinks that was a mistake.


Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is one of those entrepreneurs who puts passion into whatever they do.

A successful businessman, CEO of, Josh Verne believes in vision as the art of finding what might be invisible to others; that is, understanding what makes the difference that sets you apart.

Verne has dedicated a large part of his life to the creation, growth, and trade of businesses and recognizes that there are certain key points in business management that assure optimal functioning of human resources and talents. An expert in this industry,
Josh Verne shares some of the lessons he’s learned that, if applied, can guarantee successful business ventures and a prosperous life.

John Verne recommends that above all, one must become a leader before trying to be a boss. A leader puts workers first, winning their respect; and emphasizes teamwork, seeking to accomplish common goals together. Being a boss can sometimes be just a title of his own personal achievements within the labor chain, and that title is abused in order to coerce others to work for his best interest.

Additionally, he believes that the success of a business is dependent on having the greatest possible wins. The best outcome would bring about wins for everyone participating and even for society in general. One should avoid considering one-sided agreements in which there are possibilities for losses.

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