Securus Technologies Key in Helping Find Fugitives

When there is a fugitive running free inside a city that needs to be found fast, my team of fugitive hunters get the call. While local law enforcement has their hands full with all the other things that are going on in the city, we can focus all our efforts and resources on one fugitive. This is important because the suspect we were after was extremely violent and could hurt an unsuspecting citizen if we were not in a position to take him down quickly and efficiently.


This particular suspect really had us on edge because he was a loner, or so we thought. We had no way to ask family or friends for any leads, and we had no one of interest that we could stake out. Without informants, we did not have the luxury to wait for this fugitive to make a mistake. We decided to head to the local jail and see if any of the inmates would be willing to come forward and help us to find this fugitive. Our efforts were met with resistance immediately, as no one was willing to become a snitch.


When the corrections officers notified my team that Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system in this prison, we decided to investigate. This company has these units in over two thousand jails, has 1,000 employees, and CEO Richard Smith says they are dedicated to making the world safer.


Soon after we started listening with the LBS software, one inmate mentioned he wanted to get a message to the fugitive about money he was owed. That connection helped us to get a trace on the family member, who led us right to a meeting with our fugitive. This phone monitoring service has become an invaluable resource that me and my team are using now in cases where we have little leads to follow.


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