Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Soars To New Heights In Just A Year

Paul Mampilly, founder of Capuchin Consulting, partnered with Banyan Hill Publishing over a year ago with one goal in mind: to bring profitable investment opportunities to Main Street Americans via his newsletter, Profits Unlimited. His plan appears to be working: now at the milestone of 60,000 subscribers, with a proven track record of successful investment recommendations, Mampilly has created an innovative new dynamic between financial advisor and client that allows Main Street Americans to make their own investments based on advice he gives out monthly in Profits Unlimited, his eight page newsletter. His open portfolio currently includes stocks that are up between 18% and 38%, with 11 profitable positions out of 13. The first stock he wrote about in Profits Unlimited is currently up 160%.

Paul Mampilly is no stranger to success – an account he managed between 2008 and 2009 won the Templeton Foundation Investment competition with a $50 million dollar portfolio that generated gains of 76%. While managing Kinetics International in 2009, the company’s stock went up by 67%. Before partnering with Banyan Hill Publishing, Mampilly was Investment Director at Agora Financial, as well as the author, editor and analyst for the FDA Trader, an investment newsletter that generated over $6 million in sales under his guidance.

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He currently is the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited for Banyan Hill Publishing, but also manages two elite trading services: Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Profits Unlimited alone has net a return of 47% in just the first year of its existence. One subscriber to Profits Unlimited, after generating over $45k in gains, had this to say about Mampilly: “During the last 30 years of fiddling with [the] stock market I never came across any financial advisor who was as outstanding as [Paul is].” Another subscriber to Profits Unlimited, Alan L, said “”I must confess that it is the most profitable investment in the stock market that we have ever personally experienced.” Mampilly also continues to work at Capuchin Consulting, providing investment ideas to professional investors.

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