Arthur Becker: Real Estate Guru

Arthur Becker is a unique entrepreneur. He tends to follow his heart when it comes to deciding which venture to pursue next. He’s owned and managed dozens of companies in various industries. Lately, he seems focused on real estate. It’s one of his closest passions along with technology.

Inspired by real estate, Becker’s becoming more interested in art. As a successful businessman, he finds he has a lot of free time now. He fills that time exploring his artistic side. His office doubles as his art studio. His workshop is filled with sculptures and paintings he’s created over the years.

His office is down the street from one of his most famous projects, an eight-story condo complex at 465 Washington Street. Although he’s always like real estate, he made his fortune investing in biotech companies. Prior to that, he was a Bear Stearns stockbroker.

Currently, Arthur Becker is involved with several properties on Sullivan Street. His first property was 10 Sullivan Street, a 16-story condo building. As part of a trade for ownership, Becker acquired three adjacent townhouses. According to sources, Arthur Becker plans on living in one of the townhouses and selling the remaining two.

In Becker’s opinion, his success in real estate was luck. He believes he got into the market at the right time. That opinion is strongly debatable. Saying that Becker got lucky is like saying every other successful venture he was a part of was just luck. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

Like all great entrepreneurs, not all of Becker’s ventures were successful. For example, one venture he invested in was a company that produced specialized binoculars called Bnox. It seemed like a good idea, and it tapped into his childhood love of those little toy soldiers with binoculars, but it was a disaster.

Despite his few failings, his greatest successes Zinio and NaviSite were tremendous. NaviSite is the closest success to his heart. It was one of the first tech companies he got involved with. He stayed with the company until its sale in 2011; bought by Time Warner.

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