Jim Tananbaum’ Foresite Capital is Nurturing Healthcare’s Future

Jim Tananbaum is the CEO of Foresite Capital, a venture capital company that supports entrepreneurs and startups with innovative ideas that address the unmet healthcare needs. In a recent interview, Jim said that his 25 years’ experience gave him an insight into the factors that are essential to the success of entrepreneurs and business in the industry. He notes that most nascent entrepreneurs neither understand nor have what it takes to succeed. Foresite Capital fills the gap by providing capital, information and networks to help them succeed.

To determine a viable investment, Jim Tananbaum and his colleagues take the time to find out the greatest need in that sector. To achieve this requires a lot of reading and analysis of the current trends. But he points out that learning is the only way to find the best solutions. Foresite has invested in companies offering services in biopharmaceuticals, diagnostic and genomic sequencing and medical services. Jim points out that their duty is to provide means by which these businesses can make impactful innovations in healthcare.

Protagonist Therapeutics, Intarcia, 10X Genomics and Aimmune Therapeutics are the company’s outstanding investments. Protagonist Therapeutics uses peptides to develop a treatment for irritable bowel disease. Intarcia is creating an implanted pump, ITCA 650, for treating diabetes. 10X Genomics is developing genetic sequencing technology while Aimmune works to desensitize allergic patients. Foresite Capital invested more than $450 million in 2015 in these products.

The leadership of Jim Tananbaum in the healthcare industry spans over 25 years creating many profitable companies. He first co-founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals. The company developed two drugs and raised $1.6 billion from their sale. One of the drugs, Renagel, earned nearly $200 million per year. Theravance Inc. is another successful company he co-founded. His accomplishment in healthcare investment ranks him #52 among the leading investors in technology.

The healthcare investment genus has a strong educational background in technical skills from the world’s most prestigious universities. Jim Tananbaum attended Yale University for his bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Yale University and obtained his M.S from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also studied at Harvard for his M.D and M.B.A.

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