Whitney Wolfe Keeps The Buzz Going About Bumble

The dating app community is evolving, and Bumble appears to be the app that is leading the way against a serious competitor called Tinder. The irony here is that the creator of Bumble is also the co-founder of Tinder. This entrepreneur by the name the Whitney Wolfe is the one that is giving lots of people a dilemma with choosing dating apps. There have been surveys that talked about how Bumble is much more of a dating app as opposed to Tinder which typically leads to casual experiences.

People that are serious about using a dating app for the purpose of finding a long-term relationship are going to take interest in what Whitney Wolfe offers with Bumble. It appears that Bumble may be the new app that is giving people a chance to get to know one another quicker. Women have the ability to build better relationships when they look at what is happening through a Bumble app. This is what Whitney Wolfe created to give women the opportunity to make the first move. She has a company that has about 35 employees, and it is apparent that she is planning to grow on a global scale.

The other app that she co-founded, Tinder, has been around longer than Bumble so it is naturally one that is at the top of the dating apps, but Bumble is quickly rising. People are starting to realize that the ones that sign up for Bumble are much more inclined to consider the possibility of long-term relationships. Tinder, however, presents an environment where more of the people may be looking to hang out without any strings attached. This may be the thing that sets in motion a gap between Bumble and other apps. Bumble is the app that has become a serious dating app.

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