Meet Kim Dao’s Sister Rachel

Kim Dao’s sister Rachel visited her to pick up a suitcase that Kim Dao didn’t think would ship well to Australia from Japan.  Her sister is going back to Austrailia for a month. Before going out, Kim Dao’s sister made her some dish that looked like egg roll, some shrimp, and tofu. Kim Dao wants a black and white Pokemon varsity jacket very much. She has checked almost everywhere for it. If it is not at the Pokémon Store, she is considering buying it at for $130.00, $40 more than the price at the Pokemon store.


She went shopping and out to eat with her sister, Rachel, her boyfriend Tecchan, and his brother Toph. They stopped at the Pokemon Store where the jacket was sold out. They went Ikebukero shopping. The foursome saw all types of stuffed animals. There was a stuffed Pikachu with a pouch in the back and some small Pinkachus that came with a keyring. Everyone got a pink Pokemon ball.


Kim Dao and her group found a place to eat in the mall. Everyone got to grill their own food at the table. You pour your own cooking oil to grill. Squid, for example, and add butter on the top. Kim Dao had gotten raw chicken with an egg and some noodles that she grilled. Earlier, there were some samples of what the meals look like completed. Kim Dao started running out of mayonnaise as she tried squirting some on the top of her grilled chicken.


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