From Fine Arts To Real Estate Arthur Becker Is The Man

There are not that many people in the world that can make their names well known in many industries. Arthur Becker, however, is one man whose talents have proven to excel in many areas. His latest project is a great combination of his many talents all rolled into one. The project was recently highlighted on a New York City real estate news website, Real Deal.

The article from Bloomberg was an interesting insight into Arthur Becker’s plans for his latest real estate project. He is planning on turning the existing building into a modern, luxury boutique residential complex. It discussed all the little details, such as purchasing easements and adjacent properties.

Arthur Becker’s other current real estate projects were also discussed during the article. Mr. Becker is also involved with the JDS Development Group and Property Markets Group’s Billionaires’ Row condominium building. This building is located on West 57th Street in New York City. He is also a financial backer for the condominium development on Sullivan Street that is being completed by PMG and Madison Equities. Arthur Becker has been involved in many other real estate projects in New York City as well. He has also been involved in several real estate construction projects in the Miami, Florida area.

Real estate investments are not the only thing Arthur Becker is passionate about. In fact, he first went to college, at Bennington College, to obtain a degree in Fine Arts. He studied ceramics and photography. It was after this education that he began to explore his interests in various aspects of investments and real estate. After obtaining degrees in both areas he chooses to pursue a career in the business world.

He did not give up his love for the Fine Arts though. In the 1990s he reentered the arts world when he married Vera Wang, more info can be found on They worked together for years at her fashion company. He also returned to his love for photography and started a collection that has been shown in various galleries. These galleries have included Morgan Walker Fine Art and the Hal Katzen which are both in New York City.

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