Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is one of those entrepreneurs who puts passion into whatever they do.

A successful businessman, CEO of, Josh Verne believes in vision as the art of finding what might be invisible to others; that is, understanding what makes the difference that sets you apart.

Verne has dedicated a large part of his life to the creation, growth, and trade of businesses and recognizes that there are certain key points in business management that assure optimal functioning of human resources and talents. An expert in this industry,
Josh Verne shares some of the lessons he’s learned that, if applied, can guarantee successful business ventures and a prosperous life.

John Verne recommends that above all, one must become a leader before trying to be a boss. A leader puts workers first, winning their respect; and emphasizes teamwork, seeking to accomplish common goals together. Being a boss can sometimes be just a title of his own personal achievements within the labor chain, and that title is abused in order to coerce others to work for his best interest.

Additionally, he believes that the success of a business is dependent on having the greatest possible wins. The best outcome would bring about wins for everyone participating and even for society in general. One should avoid considering one-sided agreements in which there are possibilities for losses.

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