Modern Neurotherapy at Neurocore

Neurofeedback is a huge leap in our understanding of both the structure and function of our brains. Advances in modern neuroscience have enabled to develop interesting and unique treatment protocols that do not involve pharmacological intervention for a number of neurological disorders and diseases. One of the most promising areas of treatment is in the treatment of individuals who suffer from attentional disorders such as ADHD. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The brain is both the most advanced organ in the human body as well as the most adaptable. It was once thought that after birth the brain was more or less static. Advances in modern neuroscience have turned this old belief on its head. It is now known that throughout the entirety of the human lifespan the brain is capable of remarkable changes. This is known as neuroplasticity. It is the study of this phenomenon that has enabled the development of these unique and advanced treatments for neurological conditions. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The company Neurocore is at the forefront of these exciting advances in technology. At Neurocore they have utilized modern advances in brain mapping technologies and Neurofeedback in order to develop a way to allow individuals to gain greater control over the brain without using medications. This new treatment style is known as Neurotherapy. Through the combination of both Neurofeedback and Biofeedback individuals are able to tap into their own brains and gain greater control over its functions.

Neuroscience is a long history that dates back to the beginning of modern science. One of the oldest and still most useful tools in the study of the brain is the electroencephalogram. This is the same kind of technology that people use in order to measure an individual’s heartbeat except in this case it is used in order to measure an individual’s brain activity. With this technology and the right knowledge, it is quite possible to detect abnormalities in brain function by simply measuring the electrical activity from the scalp.

Today at Neurocore they have begun to utilize their new technology in order to treat a wide range of patients. Some of these patients include professional athletes and everyday people as well.


Bruno Fagali Is A Powerful Regulatory Law Attorney

Need a competent lawyer in Brazil? Want to find out about Bruno Fagali? If you are an entrepreneur or a business executive in Brazil, it’s imperative to get top notch legal assistance.

Do you manage a big company or a large corporation and need a lawyer on your team? Perhaps you want to hire a legal advisor that has many years of experience in the field.

There are many potential legal pitfalls involved in running a business. This proves true for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. A good business lawyer or corporate attorney, with specific knowledge of your enterprise or industry, will help you identify impending problems and handle them appropriately. A knowledgeable lawyer can help protect your investment and ensure that your organization or business runs smoothly. Visit Fagali at poder360 to know more.

Bruno provides outstanding legal help to companies, entrepreneurs and establishments in Brazil and is well known in the industry. Bruno can advise and guide you to ensure that your organization is well protected.

It is important to hire an attorney who is well versed in the type of issue you’re dealing with. Many professionals and organizations in Brazil turn to Fagali when they encounter legal problems that require expert assistance.

Having access to one of the best lawyers you can afford is a great way to ensure that your legal matter will be handled properly. Important legal issues require the attention of a powerful attorney like Bruno Fagali. Maybe you need one of the most reliable attorneys to evaluate your situation and advise you on the best way to approach the issue.

Bruno Fagali is a leading Regulatory law and Administrative law attorney and has many years of experience guiding and representing clients. He takes the time to understand his clients’ legal situation and work closely with them to address the matter effectively.

A lawyer like Fagali is well versed in the law and will ensure that his clients comply with applicable rules and regulations. If you’re going through a complex legal situation and need reliable guidance then get in touch with Bruno Fagali. Visit:


Why Ecommerce Store Owners Need an Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

Whenever a new business owner sets-up their own ecommerce store online, they are often looking to make high profits on their sales. Because their targeted audiences are usually from a vast worldwide marketplace, the sky appears to be the limit in availability and there is great potential for making huge profits. Though making lots of revenue after the store has been opened appears to be simple and easy to do, this is not always true if the site owner is not familiar with the tools and resources available to them. For instance, one of the most important and critical to generating continuous sales normally involves the use of ecommerce recommendation engine software applications on a site. Ecommerce recommendation engine is essential to ensuring an ecommerce store creates profits and runs much smoother.

Having said that, why does an ecommerce store owner need ecommerce recommendation engine software on their site. Fortunately, there are many different reasons. However, here are 2 of the top reasons why this software is so beneficial.


Keeps Shoppers Engaged

When a customer enters a ecommerce store to purchase anything for themselves or others, it is usually up to the online store owners to ensure these shoppers remain engaged. This is because these stores can be very similar to brick and mortar company sales tactics. Meaning online visitors can leave the site at any time if there is no incentive to stick around. Fortunately, with the use of recommendation engine technology, once a customer visits the site, a host of invaluable related consumer information can assist in ensuring each individual has their own personal shopping experience. For instance, if the customer has recently purchased a jogging suit, the search engine may begin recommending different types of jogging shoes too before they leave the site. Because this recommendation is relevant to their past purchases, the shopper is more likely to review these recommendations before exiting the site. So, keeping shoppers engaged is one of the top reasons for using this type of technology.

Increases the Value of the Customers Orders

The recommendation engine is also used to increase the value of the customer orders. This is normally accomplished by showing the consumer what other customers are currently buying. For instance, if the customer is buying a computer for someone in their family, the recommendation engine may present various kinds of computer related items that they can also place in their shopping cart.

Bernardo Chua: Master of the Multi-Level

Bernardo Chua is a titan of the Filipino business community. In the early 2000’s Mr. Chua worked his way through the ranks of Gano Excel’s Philippines office to become a high level executive.

After pulling himself up in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua looked to China as a market in which he might expand his fledgling multi-level marketing empire. Mr. Chua’s plan worked, and Gano Excel gained a foothold in Hong Kong. Read more: Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold

Made all the more determined by this early success, Mr. Chua then set his sights on North America.

First, Bernardo Chua made inroads into the Canadian health and wellness market. Mr. Chua helped lead the establishment of the Gano Excel brand of all natural coffee products in British Columbia, then Mr. Chua moved south to take his methods and magic to the United States. Mr. Chua rose swiftly in the American markets, and moved to California to become Gano Excel’s President of American operations. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Next, in 2008, Mr. Chua chose to strike out on his own and establish his own brand of completely organic consumable health and wellness products. Leading with their line of bio-active coffee product (products containing the popular supplement Ganoderma lucidum) Bernardo Chua’s new compay, ORGANO, set about establish a powerful network of independent retailers.

Now, Mr. Chua’s network has grown even further and stronger than anyone originally imagined, and ORGANO’s popular products are spreading across the United States with the same rapidity as Mr. Chua’s former line of health and wellness consumables.

And in recognition of Mr. Chua’s unparalleled success, in 2015 ORGANO and its enigmatic leader were awarded 5 of the coveted Philippine’s People’s Choice Awards for best new business.

Based on Mr. Chua’s past and current successes, he would do well to keep room on his desk for more trophies and awards because there can be no doubt that Mr. Chua will have more to display soon enough.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are Fighting so that Your Immigration Status does not have a Bearing on Your Social and Economic Prosperity

It takes a lot to stand up for what you believe in when faced by intimidation. Arizona-based journalists, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, had for a long time been covering human interest stories in the city of Phoenix.

This often drove them to cover stories on the conduct of police and the treatment of immigrants in the city. As it turns out, however, the Sherriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio was not a big fan of their work and consequently cooked up false charges to have them arrested in October 2007.

Fortunately, many became aware of the frivolousness of the charges laid against Lacey and Larkin, ultimately leading to the charges being dropped in a day. Committed to fighting for their rights, however, the two journalists sued Maricopa County and Joe Arpaio and won a $3.7 settlement from the county.

Unselfishly, Lacey and Larkin decided to commit the settlement towards fighting for the rights of the marginalized groups in Arizona, particularly Hispanic immigrants.

It is not far-fetched to assume that the illegal detention Lacey and Larkin were subjected to has been done to other people. If these people were among the marginalized people in society such as undocumented immigrants, their stories would most likely never be heard, and they do not adequately understand their rights. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

It is for this reason that Lacey and Larkin have for the last four years been supporting community organizations committed to legally helping the disadvantaged in society through their Frontera Fund. It is slightly ironic that an injustice meted out to them led to Lacey and Larkin acquiring the resources to fight against injustice.

Among the dozens of organizations that Lacey and Larkin support is the Justice for Immigrant Families (JIF) project. The Phoenix-based project is backed by the city’s Legal Action Network. The project is targeted at helping as many of the 325 thousand undocumented immigrants believed to reside in Arizona currently, access quality legal services.

These services include referrals to pro-bono lawyers, workshops on their rights and access to legal self-help resources. The JIF has over the course of its existence collaborated with numerous other community organizations to ensure that every resident in Arizona has the opportunity to socially and economically improve his/her life regardless of their legal status.

All in all the successes of the Frontera Fund since it was formed four years ago have been immense. The fund has directly and indirectly been able to advocate for the free speech, human rights and civil rights of thousands across Arizona.

Many of those previous discriminated against for their gender, race, religious affiliation and immigration status in Arizona now know that they have an organization looking after their interests.

It is the work of people such as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin that truly lend credibility to the claim that America is the land of the brave and the free. Regardless of where we come from, we never lose our status as human beings and should thus be treated humanely at all times.

José Auriemo Neto’s Resolve to Enter JHSF into Lucrative Partnerships

JHSF is one of Brazil’s most experienced and most successful real estate companies. It has Brazilian and international operations, holding over six million square meters of real estate properties. It is estimated to be worth 1.2 billion. It also owns Brazil’s largest real estate complex on a lot at the edge of Marginal Pinheiros. The company earns most of its revenue from the high-income market segment. The revenue is mostly generated through recurrent activities.

JHSF’s focus on recurring income activities is the first of its kind in Brazil, and so far, the most profitable. Fábio Auriemo, one of the company’s founding partners, and longest propagator took the initiative of venturing the company into such activities as development and leasing of shopping malls after the spit of JHS.

Fábio Auriemo and his brother, José Roberto, had founded JHS as a construction company. However, Fabio wanted to grow it into a development company. His brother was against that move, and they quarreled over it. The differences could not be resolved within the same business, so they split the company into JHSF and JHSJ. Fabio’s JHSF successfully made due with what they got from JHS to grow one of Brazil’s most successful real estate companies.

José Auriemo Neto is Fábio Auriemo’s son and successor. His father introduced him to the industry at a tender age, and by the age of 17 years, he had already begun managing his father’s shopping malls. José Auriemo Neto’s friends refer to him as Zeco due to his popularity among friends, the business community, and philanthropic circles.

Zeco advised his father to make a low price purchase of the lot at the edge of Marginal Pinheiros. He recommended that the Parque Cidade Jardim be built on it. His proposal speculated that the property had the potential to hose Brazil’s biggest high-end complex.

The young man is very progressive and has since his ascent into the top executive position at JHSF, struck numerous deals that have grown the company’s profitability and assets. Thanks to his efforts, the company has partnered with other firms like Hermes, Pucci and Jimmy Choo to increase business prospects.


Securus Technologies Key in Helping Find Fugitives

When there is a fugitive running free inside a city that needs to be found fast, my team of fugitive hunters get the call. While local law enforcement has their hands full with all the other things that are going on in the city, we can focus all our efforts and resources on one fugitive. This is important because the suspect we were after was extremely violent and could hurt an unsuspecting citizen if we were not in a position to take him down quickly and efficiently.


This particular suspect really had us on edge because he was a loner, or so we thought. We had no way to ask family or friends for any leads, and we had no one of interest that we could stake out. Without informants, we did not have the luxury to wait for this fugitive to make a mistake. We decided to head to the local jail and see if any of the inmates would be willing to come forward and help us to find this fugitive. Our efforts were met with resistance immediately, as no one was willing to become a snitch.


When the corrections officers notified my team that Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system in this prison, we decided to investigate. This company has these units in over two thousand jails, has 1,000 employees, and CEO Richard Smith says they are dedicated to making the world safer.


Soon after we started listening with the LBS software, one inmate mentioned he wanted to get a message to the fugitive about money he was owed. That connection helped us to get a trace on the family member, who led us right to a meeting with our fugitive. This phone monitoring service has become an invaluable resource that me and my team are using now in cases where we have little leads to follow.


Innovacare’s Penelope Kokkinides Featured on IdeaMensch

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative officer of InnovaCare Health, whom has been involved with the company for many years before re-joining in 2015. Before, she has held other roles in clinical operations and as the Chief Operating Officer. Her passion is for developing programs and managing care to ensure that the organization is as efficient as possible.She has held a multitude of other roles throughout her career: strategy and management for managed care were a big portion of her career. She briefly left Innovacare to take on roles at UnitedHealthCare and Touchstone Health. Her goal was to develop the company’s health and implementing a health/managed care model.

Her days don’t look the same: each day keeps her on her toes and she travels constantly. She has a great team of people whom she surrounds herself with in order to develop ideas. The team she is a part of allows her to have full synergy with in order to become her best alongside with her team. Furthermore, she is constantly thinking forward about what needs to be done on the next day. She has also had a very rewarding career which has spanned a multitude of different positions. She is very organized and focused on what needs to be done for success.InnovaCare Health is a company which provides managed healthcare services to their customers in North America. They offer high quality Medicare/Medicare Advantage plans that are sustainable and cost-effective. The company aims to redefine healthcare and offer a coordinated model of healthcare in Puerto Rico.

A coordinated approach has served InnovaCare Health’s patients well to ensure that their needs are met. The company prides itself on patient-centered leadership and on ensuring that the patient care models are sustainable.The company is designed to provide the executive leadership required to provide innovative care to patients across the country. This comes through decades of experience, as well as an emphasis on priority of the needs of patients. Members are served by a huge network of primary care providers. This network is designed to ensure that the patients’ needs are met effectively within the Puerto Rican government’s health plan. Their mission is to provide broad health coverage through a coordinated care model. This is combined with the leadership of a highly experienced executive team whom have decades of experience.

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Soars To New Heights In Just A Year

Paul Mampilly, founder of Capuchin Consulting, partnered with Banyan Hill Publishing over a year ago with one goal in mind: to bring profitable investment opportunities to Main Street Americans via his newsletter, Profits Unlimited. His plan appears to be working: now at the milestone of 60,000 subscribers, with a proven track record of successful investment recommendations, Mampilly has created an innovative new dynamic between financial advisor and client that allows Main Street Americans to make their own investments based on advice he gives out monthly in Profits Unlimited, his eight page newsletter. His open portfolio currently includes stocks that are up between 18% and 38%, with 11 profitable positions out of 13. The first stock he wrote about in Profits Unlimited is currently up 160%.

Paul Mampilly is no stranger to success – an account he managed between 2008 and 2009 won the Templeton Foundation Investment competition with a $50 million dollar portfolio that generated gains of 76%. While managing Kinetics International in 2009, the company’s stock went up by 67%. Before partnering with Banyan Hill Publishing, Mampilly was Investment Director at Agora Financial, as well as the author, editor and analyst for the FDA Trader, an investment newsletter that generated over $6 million in sales under his guidance.

Follow Paul Mampilly on Tumblr.

He currently is the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited for Banyan Hill Publishing, but also manages two elite trading services: Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Profits Unlimited alone has net a return of 47% in just the first year of its existence. One subscriber to Profits Unlimited, after generating over $45k in gains, had this to say about Mampilly: “During the last 30 years of fiddling with [the] stock market I never came across any financial advisor who was as outstanding as [Paul is].” Another subscriber to Profits Unlimited, Alan L, said “”I must confess that it is the most profitable investment in the stock market that we have ever personally experienced.” Mampilly also continues to work at Capuchin Consulting, providing investment ideas to professional investors.

Learn mor about Paul Mampilly:

About Tony Petrello and Oil Equipment Giant Nabors Industries

While you may not have heard about Nabors Industries if you are not in the oil and drilling industries, the name is a giant on par with what the name Apple is in the tech industry. Their mission is to provide the best in class drilling performance and equipment through their exceptional teamwork, seamless execution and state of the art technology.

Nabors Industries operates in over twenty companies across the globe and is one of the leading oil and gas drilling contractors in the world. They also operate the largest land-based drilling fleet in the world and specialize in offshore drilling, specialty rigs, directional drilling and land drilling. One important vertical Nabors Industries is heavily vested in that sets them apart from other companies in the industry is their commitment to adapting the latest in drilling technology and software as well as innovating their own. The company also has several subsidiaries that offer additional equipment to help Nabors’ drilling rigs function at a higher and more efficient capacity. Learn more about Nabros Industries.

Leading Nabors Industries’ charge to global success in the field is Anthony, or Tony, Petrello. The company name of Nabors is rarely used without reference or a footnote passing to Tony Petrello’s influence on the company. Petrello joined the company in 1991 and immediately set to work putting his footprint of a bold and intelligent leadership style into motion to push the company forward.

From 1991 to 2011 Tony Petrello was Nabors’ Chief Operating Officer and President. In 2003 he also donned the hat of Deputy Chairman. In 2012 his role evolved into what it is today, where he current is the company’s Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer. In addition to those roles, Petrello plays a strategic leadership role with Nabors, in which he uses his past knowledge to focus on the future growth and evolution of Nabors Industries.